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March 07 2015


Sony XBA-H1 Hybrid Headphones Review

Hello today’s review is for the Sony XBA H1 hybrid in-ear earphone. Now by hybrid I mean that this earphone actually has in each earpiece a full range balanced armature driver and and a dynamic driver. In terms of design the XBA-H1 is as you can imagine quite a large earphone because they had to put the dynamic driver and balanced armature in the same earpiece. So you get something tha’ts quite large and quite bulky. But it’s made of plastic and this also quite lightweight, it’s actually surprisingly light weight given the size of earphone.In terms of overall build quality I think the H1 is quite nice despite the overall all plastic build.The strain reliefs are quite good, as for the cable itself we have a flat red and black cable which may or may not be to your taste, we also have the classic 90 degree jack. Now in terms of comfort again we us Sony’s silicone hybrid tips which are my favourite eartips. The earpieces although they are quite light-weight they are still quite large so If you have smaller outer ear you may find that this earphone will be uncomfortable. The thing about the H1 is that isolation is quite high, this is a fully sealed design,there’s no vents or ports so the isolation is good is good on trains. So in terms of sound the XBA H1 sounds exactly like you’d expect if you took an XBA-1 or an XBA-C10 balanced armature driver and you added a dynamic driver to boost up the bass response. You do get a much thicket,a much warmer sound overall,with quite a substantial bass impact along the lower frequencies. In terms of actual sound I think that Sony has done a good job of what they set out to do which is to integrate the dynamic driver and the balanced armature driver together.  So this is my review of the sony noise cancelling headphones HBA-H1 Hybrid comment,rate and share. Thank you.   

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